The Armor of Light Bible Study & Planner's features:
bullet A functional day planner/scheduler for every day of the month and year.
bullet A new Bible study for each day for one year.
bullet Over 1,100 Passages of Scripture.
bullet A single idea or theme for each day's study.
bullet Accountability questions designed specifically for the passages assigned for each day.
bullet An unconditional truth about the believer's life for each day.
bullet Bible study verses integrated into the planner enabling the user to meditate on the truths throughout the day.


  Here are some suggestions on how to use The Armor of Light: Bible Study with Accountability Questions:
bullet A personal guide for daily devotions for adults.
bullet A personal guide for daily devotions for teens.
bullet A tool for discipling young Christians.
bullet As an outline for homework for counselees.
bullet As a resource for accountability groups.
bullet A character development resource (teens, youth and adults).
bullet A supplement to recovery group activities for use throughout the week.

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